About Dr Mecherl



“Dr Mecherl brings together the Science of Functional Medicine where East meets West and Wisdom meets good health.”

Dr. Mecherl Lim, An Holistic, Intuitive Clinical Complementary Therapy & Functional Medicine Practitioner. Being in this field for 30 plus years, she has being providing many Advanced Innovative Health Care techniques, Functional Medicine Remedies & Clinical treatment with the Art of Holistic Kinesiology

Approach by (Listening to Body Talk), Protocol Nutrition, Herbal Medicine, TCM, Vibrational Frequency Formulas, (VFF) also alignment of Auras & Chakra Balancing. She also offers FREE professional advice through CONSULTATION Via Zoom or by WhatsApp on various Autoimmune disease and Degenerative problems. She also help from Infertility to Chronic cases. (Infants to Adults)

Her approach is straight forward, deeply empathetic and compassionate, while at the same time, non-Judgemental & practical. She developed her own Protocol treatment model based on her extensive experiential and academic knowledge. She also teaches Practitioners to upgrade another module by The Art of Listen to your Body Talk.(Holistic Kinesiology)

She has gained International Recognition for her work specially in Australia, Philippines & Malaysia. A few years ago, an Australian French magazine, FINALLY @ 40 has interviewed about Dr Mecherl and her work. In 2014, Dr Mecherl has written her 1st book DETOX & LIVE , sold in public during her workshops. She is also the contributor writer for EZ ESSENZE Magazine for Malaysia & Australia.

Dr Mecherl has also developed an unique NICHE & most popular exclusive 5 days program called “Detox & Live” and has a been thrilled by success of this program, and also Vibrational Frequency Formulas (VFF) from plants, minerals, flowers, shells, crystals, corals, gems and others introducing extensively & sharing the program to Clients & Practitioners from different countries such as US, UK, Philippines, Australia, Malaysia & others.

She has also developed another new Aura Mist Formulas, self help tool designed to cleanse and Energize, protect your subtle energy field, Harmonize, and balance your life by using these powerful Mist Sprays. It helps to clear blockages, connect with Dr Mecherl, Today!



Testimonials From Patients I've Helped

“I had a few health problems with my legs, back, and neck. I found Dr Mercherl Herbs Therapy and had a consultation with Dr Mercherl for my problems. With her Holistic Kinesiology using Vibrational Frequency Formula and 5 Days Detox & Live protocol program I've benefited greatly.”
Beverly Kirstenfield 56, Australia
``After the MHT Detox & Live Program and 2nd phase Detox 123, I finally find myself that my Psoriasis problem does not appear so often and not to forget the maintenance that Dr Mercherl has given me to build my immune system was fantastic.``
Monique Kocke 24, West Java, Indonesia
``Previously I couldn't even stand for 10 minutes or walk a small distance. Thanks to Dr Michelle Lim for her research on chronic cases like mine, I now am not on pain killers anymore.``
Lim Soe Yean 50, Kuala Lumpur
``I've seen Dr Mecherl help children diagnosed with down syndrome to become better with their parents. Dr. Mecherl has help my child who has a breathing problem to be feel much better.``
``When I first had my baby, she was diagnosed with down syndrome. The medicine from Dr. Mecherl has helped my child develop a lot. She is now responsive and alert at all times.``